No Age

I’ve been spending a lot of time listening to NO AGE. They’re a really interesting band for a lot of reasons, but I think the most impressive is their ability to go from garage rock to ambient shoegaze to post rock and back to garage rock all in one album. They embrace the idea that a band or musician can do whatever the hell they want and I’m absolutely on board with it.

Depression is really difficult, especially when it pushes you away from the things you love — specifically music. I was “in the shit” for a little while there and I couldn’t find joy in anything. However, coming out of it, NO AGE has been in heavy heavy rotation.

Here’s some of their more rock oriented stuff —

I’ve spent days listening to their records recently and they’ve been doing the heavy lifting in getting me out of this funk.

Also, a few years back, I discovered Letterkenny through NO AGE and that has added yet another fandom for me to be part of. If you’ve never seen Letterkenny, go check out Letterkenny. It’s a great show with a great soundtrack.

Here’s a KEXP live performance —

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