Cassette Label

Some of these things came out.  Some of them didn’t. Follow the Bandcamp links and give them some love.

Sort of Available Now: 

Alterations – Winter Songs and New Wave Hearts

JeJune UK – Ultra Poppy, Super Sloppy

Squelch – Live on WZRD

Future Person / FB.FG. – Everything I Say Sounds Like I’m Having a Stroke

Future Releases: 
JeJune UK – If Hamsters Could Fly – Coming…. eventually
Squelch – Demo ’97 – Coming…. eventually
Squelch – Planting on the Stereo Plane – Coming…. eventually
Star Ritual – Untitled – in production, coming…. eventually

I’m not accepting requests.  I have pretty strict rules.

1. You have to be from the Northwest Side of Chicago
2. I have to already know you or like your band.
3. It helps if you broke up in the 90’s.
4. It helps if you write really weird shit, or play lofi synth pop.
5. I will make my final decision based on who your pizza provider is.

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